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eST. 2015

lic #: 055264


Open 9AM - 3pm  MON - FRI

There are a couple of important things to note about Hangtown Taxi's service:

  1. Hangtown Taxi is a trusted and verified cab service since 2015. 

  2. HTT has the right to refuse any services requested, before or during the ride.

  3. Riders can be of any age over +4 years old as long as an adult orders cab for them. 

  4. Must be +12 years of age or older to order a cab.

  5. HTT is a flat rate taxi we provide rates before arriving or on arrival. 

  6. Any ride over $20 must be paid before cab starts moving. 

  7. HTT is a 1st come, 1st served company. (Reservations are only capable for rides that are 7 miles or more)

  8. However, if a fare is under 7 miles and you need to reserve the ride there is a Non-Refundable $30 Reservation fee. Which Guarantees your ride in the time frame needed and allows up to a 9-mile ride

  9. Our goal is to be here for our community, so we make an effort to stay within our main territory. 

  10. We accept Cash, Debit/ Credit cards paid through PayPal or Square. 

  11. There is a $5 charge for small pets and a $10 charge for large pets that are accepted. Dogs over +50 lbs. not accepted. 

  12. All vehicle code laws apply to customers and drivers in taxi. (No Drinking, Smoking, must wear seat belt, children must have child restraint seats, Etc.) 

  13. There is a +$100 charge for any major accidents like tares, large spills, bodily fluids based on amount of time needed to clean/ repair, location and estimated cost of damage.

  14. There are minimums for each zone. (Placerville $12, Diamond Springs $12, Eldorado $15, Shingle Springs $20, Cameron Park $25, Camino $20, Pollock $35 & Eldorado hills $40.) These minimums are priced based on multiple factors like; time it takes to get to that zone from are main territory, how much demand we have in that specific area and the amount of gas consumed for that ride vs another ride of the same distance closer to our territory.


*This is not an all inclusive list. 

Hangtown Taxi offers flat rates and discounts to help our community get from a to z. All you have to do is negotiate a little, while remembering we do this for a living so if its not putting food on the table its not helping anybody.

Wherever you need to go, we have you covered.

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