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  1. Must be 23 years old or older. 

  2. Must have a clean driving record.

  3. Must go through background and drug-test.

  4. Must have your own vehicle. (Not to be used for Taxi.)

  5. Must have some knowledge of Placerville and surrounding area.

  6. Must be familiar with IOS/ Iphone.

  7. Must be good with people. 

  8. Must be good with navigating.


*Please note that we are very picky when it comes to who we allow to represent our company, drive our customers or vehicles.

The drivers that we do have are SOLID, RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, LOVING, individuals that the community relies on.

If your not capable of being all those things combined DO NOT waste your time applying.

"We all make great money here, but it comes with Up's and Down's...

Being a driver, is truly more like being a therapist without the ridiculous pay.

But I've made a lot of friends and great memories while at work and that's what matters to me.

Not to mention the fact that I'm not stuck in an office all day and make cash daily, I LOVE HTT!"


Driver Application Form

Thank you for your interest in working with us. Just fill out this basic information application to get you started. 
After your first interview you will fill out the full application.

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